Immunization centers to offer vaccinations for children and adolescents

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Starting in September, the German states plan to offer a booster vaccination for the very elderly, patients in need of long-term care and immunocompromised patients with mobile teams in nursing homes and institutions for integration assistance. Elderly patients living at home are to receive their booster vaccination through their primary care physicians. All citizens who were fully vaccinated at least five months ago can receive a third vaccination at vaccination centers or from established physicians and company doctors.

This is stated in the draft resolution for the conference of federal and state health ministers (GMK) on Monday. The booster vaccinations will be administered exclusively with one of the two mRNA vaccines, regardless of what the patients were previously vaccinated with.

In addition, vaccinations for children and adolescents 12 to 17 years old will be offered at vaccination centers beginning immediately. A medical explanation, as well as the agreement of the custodial parents, are ensured thereby. However, children and adolescents can also be vaccinated by physicians in private practice and as relatives of employees by company physicians.

In doing so, the health ministers are overriding the current recommendation of the Standing Committee on Vaccination (STIKO), which recommends vaccination only for children and adolescents who are suspected of being at increased risk for a severe course of Covid 19 disease. For young adults in universities, vocational schools and schools, the states should provide structured, low-threshold services at the respective places of learning. "This can make a significant contribution to a safer start to teaching and learning after the summer vacations," the draft resolution, obtained by the F.A.Z., states.

Already before, the Saxon Vaccination Commission (SIKO) Corona vaccinations for children from twelve years are generally recommended. This applies from Sunday onwards, the SIKO announced in Dresden on Friday. Until now, the procedure in Saxony was in line with the nationwide requirement: vaccinations generally only for adolescents aged 16 and older. For younger ones starting from twelve years, it was recommended only with the presence of risk factors for a heavy Covid 19 course. All others should receive the shot only after a detailed explanation.In Israel, vaccination for children 12 and older has been available since early June. The country now also allows vaccination for five- to 11-year-olds at particularly high risk of severe illness or death from infection.

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