How to listen to music as you work

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Quite a number of studies have shown that listening to music as you work can affect your productivity rate. Meaning that the choice, as well as the volume, have to be factored in to achieve optimum results. That is why today we are giving you tips on how to listen to music at work.

Music Tips as you work

Listen to medium volume

It is advisable that as you listen to music at work; make sure that you keep it at medium volume. This is because low volume music allows for the penetration of other noise while a loud volume makes it harder for you to concentrate. Therefore, with your playlist at a medium volume it easy to both shut out the outside distractions as well as to focus on the task that you are working on.

Happy songs preferable to sad songs

Make sure that the playlist that you have chosen is full of happy tunes. That is because sad music can directly affect your emotions. As we know, music has a very powerful effect on the way that we feel. Just a few strings of a sad tune can potentially remind you of the pain that you once went through. This causes you to shift some of your focus. In that regard, we would advise that you stick to songs that will ensure that your mood stays happy or not affected at all.

Shuffle your playlist

By shuffling your playlist, you allow for the element of surprise. This will help to keep your dopamine levels high. As once you stick to a certain playlist, it gets boring and repetitive. By doing so it goes against the point of listening to music in the first place.

Go Full instrumental

Without any lyrics, we can avoid you singing along and making a lot of noise. Therefore, we would advise that you go lyric-less, that way you fight the urge to sing along and cause a ruckus in the office.

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