Dog hates cyclists

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Fri 9th Apr, 2010

Ebersberg. A Tibetan shepherd dog attacked and bit a cyclist. Apparently he doesn't like cyclists very muchl. Today the case went before the Ebersberg district court, with the dog's owner accused of negligent bodily injury.

Last July, the accused was walking the dog in Ebersberger Forst, near the "Forsthaus Hubertus". As a cyclist went by "Suddenly, the dog became aggressive," said the lawyer of the accused. His client grabbed the pet by the lead and tried to hold it back. However the dog broke loose, jumped up and bit the cyclist in the kidney region.  In addition, the pet left scratches on his body.

The case against the accused was adjourned while an investigation against the dog continues.  The reason being that the dog is a repeat offender. Some time ago there was another criminal case against its owner. At that time the animal had jumped over a 1.8 meter-high fence and pulled a cyclist from the bicycle.

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