Cyclist checks in Munich

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Munich. Bicycle season has begun in Munich and police checks have increased. 2008 in Munich saw 21,337 cyclists caught and fined by the Munich police. "In Munich, the police are particularly strict on controls," said Hannes Boiarsky, CEO of the General German Bicycle Club (ADAC) Munich to Sueddeutsche newspaper. And Munich police are justified in their harsh controls because of the number of accidents: 369 cyclists were seriously injured in 2009, with six killed on the roads.

Here are some of the traffic rules and costs involved. Overlooking a red light would cost you 100 euros and 1 point in Flenzburg. Those who travel on a one-way street against the traffic flow must reckon on a 15 to 25 euro fine, depending on whether it has hindered or endangered other road users. Should you cause an accident, it will be 30 euros payable. The pedestrian area and sidewalks are banned for cyclists. If they hit someone with their bike in a pedestrian area it will cost them 10 to 25 euros, depending on the degree of risk. Driving on the wrong bike path is also prohibited.

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