Broomstick wielding driver causes mayhem

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Thu 8th Apr, 2010

Germering. A 63 year old man annoyed by cars driving too close to each other on Lindauer Autobahn, decided to give the drivers a scare.

He positioned himself on the bridge at the extension of Otto-Wagner street along the A96 and pointed a broomstick at passing cars. The drivers called the police thinking he was brandishing a gun.

By the time the police arrived the man was nowhere to be seen. The car drivers were able to describe the 63 year old and he was identified from police records.

Shortly after, the offenders house was searched and no gun was found, but the 63 year old admitted to standing on the bridge at the time witnesses described to the police. He explained his motive: he wanted to make sure that the drivers on the A96 would keep a safer distance apart in the future.

Since traffic settlements are police business and not that of the self-appointed vigilante, the man with the broomstick was charged with dangerous interefence with road traffic.

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