Bavaria to strengthen spa and health resorts as modern health centres

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Munich - A nationally unique, new funding program has been launched to improve the medical quality of Bavarian spa and health resorts. Citing the importance of health resorts and spas in Bavaria, the Minister of Health Dr. Marcel Huber highlighted, "We want to make future-proof spas in Bavaria. They should represent modern health centers for a society that is ever growing in terms of health-awareness. Spas are not just places where we get better, but also where we stay healthy."
With a grant of one million euros from the supplementary budget of 2012, the 47 high-grade health resorts and spas, as well as the 10 municipalities which host recognized mineral medicinal springs and mud bath enterprises in Bavaria will be supported. The aim is to raise the awareness of the independent health communities with modern and new concepts especially in the area of early detection, prevention and rehabilitation, and to meet the increasing international demand. This will attract more self-paying patients, and enhance the quality as well as the availability of outpatient treatment.
According to Dr. Huber, the funding program mainly benefits rural areas both economically and socio-politically. The Bavarian health care industry provides 800,000 jobs. In the spa and health resorts alone, more than 100,000 people are employed. Approximately 3.67B euros are appropriated annually. "The spa as a workplace must remain attractive for professionals", he goes on. "This is why the Bavarian Ministry of Health will provide additional funding."
The new funding program will mainly provide support in two areas. The spas and health resorts will work in coordination with an emphasis on future medical topics and the continued improvement during the implementation of treatments. For instance, new information points will be available in the spas, where the guests can get assistance in the planning and compilation of the cure process as a 'guide in the spa resort'. Moreover, measures will be taken to promote the training and qualification of spa and health resort professionals. Support will also be given to medical spas which specialize in specific medical areas such as allergies or osteoporosis. The Bavarian Health Agency will begin receiving applications on the 1st of July this year.

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