Battery research charged up with 32 million euros

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Mon 16th Jul, 2012

A partner project between the Technical University of Munich and the German Battery Manufacturer VARTA Microbattery GmbH should bring new ideas and solutions to the area of energy storage for photovoltaic systems and local energy storage. The Bavarian government will support the project with an additional 32 Million Euros.

Crucial to the success of the so called "Energiewende" (Energy turn around) is the focus on decentralisation of energy supply and encouraging private households to supply themselves entirely or partly from roof top solar panels. However, the energy produced by solar panels during the sunshine hours is very often out of sync with the end user demands in the early mornings or late evenings. An energy storage system is thus indispensable for an efficient use of such a system.

Dr. Wolfgang Heubisch, Bavarians Minister for Research and Science stresses the importance of research in the area of battery systems for the success of solar panel systems. Dr. Heubisch explains that a battery system will be a key element in order to deal with energy peaks in the national grid and it will help to stabilise the power supply system.

VARTA Micro Storage GmbH a recently founded subsidiary of the VARTA Microbattery GmbH in the Bavarian Town of Nördlinegn wants to support the research project with VARTAs industry experience. Herbert Schein, CEO of the VARTA Microbattery GmbH has disclosed that in addition to this research the company also wants to manufacture such systems at the VARTA Micro Storage plant.

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