Astonishing Foods That Damage Your Kidneys

We all know that our kidneys play a major role in overall health. In fact, they are the ones that filter and remove waste products from the bloodstream. Not only that, they maintain your body's overall fluid balance. Additionally they release hormones that produce red blood cells, thereby ensuring bone health as well as regulating blood pressure. In this article, we will look at the foods that damage your kidneys.

Foods That Damage Your Kidneys

We know that you love to snack when you play your favourite online pokies for real money games. You will notice that most of the foods on this list are snacks. For that reason, we recommend that you take them in moderation so you don't hurt your kidneys.


Nuts are not a good snack at all if you are prone to kidneys stones. This is because they contain oxalates. These are minerals found in some types of kidney stones. For that reason, we recommend that you totally skip nuts.

However, nuts are a healthy addition to your diet if you do not suffer from kidney ailments. We really suggest that when you add them to your diet, have them in moderation.


Avocados are really creamy and delicious! However, they are very high in potassium. Potassium is known to control fluids, the electrolyte balance as well as pH levels. Kidneys require the right balance of potassium in order to properly do their job. In fact, too much potassium will cause harm.

For people with kidney diseases, too much potassium in the blood will cause hyperkalaemia. This condition will cause numbness, nausea, a slow heart rate and weakness. Stay away from them.


If you already have issues with your kidneys, daily consumption of caffeine will worsen your condition and may put you at risk of kidney stones. We know many people including internet casino gamblers tend to drink lots of coffee to stay awake. Caffeine will affect the kidney's ability to absorb water as it is a mild diuretic. Because of that, it should be taken in moderation. It should also be noted that coffee stimulates blood flow, thereby increasing blood pressure.


Drinks such as cola which contain caffeine, especially energy drinks, also can have a detrimental effect on your kidneys, for the same reasons outlined above. As well as the risks from a high sugar beverage, the caffeine levels in these drinks can be a lot higher than one would imagine. Taken in regular sufficent quantities, their cumulative effect can be as serious as coffee drinking for your kidneys. Drink plenty of water and keep caffeine intake to a minimum.

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