Zamanand Festival Runs from 18th to 20th Aug

Thu 20th Jul, 2023

From the 19th - 20th August, Munich's lively streets are set to be transformed into a spirited festival ground as the much-awaited Zamanand Festival returns for two weekends of communal joy and sustainable revelry. Organized in collaboration with the City of Munich's Department of Climate and Environmental Protection, this dynamic event promises a vibrant fusion of music, arts, workshops, and community engagement.

The Zamanand Festival, known for its dedication to sustainability, inclusivity, and diversity, takes place twice a year, attracting an impressive average of 250,000 visitors per weekend. By cordoning off traffic along Leopoldstraße, the festival creates a bustling car-free zone between Odeonsplatz and Siegestor, serving as an emblematic example of the City's commitment to environmental consciousness.

At the core of the festival lies the vision of togetherness and community spirit, where people from all walks of life can come together, share ideas, inspire one another, and create lasting memories. Upholding values such as respect, tolerance, and a sense of belonging, the event seeks to foster positive social and cultural change through engaging programs and performances.

Over the years, Zamanand has emerged as an integral part of Munich's annual urban events, attracting widespread enthusiasm and support. Mayor Dieter Reiter's patronage further underscores the festival's significance in promoting a sustainable and harmonious urban landscape.

As part of its commitment to sustainability, Zamanand Festival ensures that it leaves a minimal environmental footprint. The adoption of eco-friendly practices, such as waste reduction and the utilization of renewable energy sources, aligns seamlessly with the festival's green ethos. Additionally, by actively involving the community in its endeavors, the event encourages active participation and promotes a culture of shared responsibility for a greener future.

What sets Zamanand apart is its non-profit nature, with all surplus proceeds channeled back into the festival's altruistic mission. This philanthropic approach exemplifies the festival's dedication to social and cultural sustainability, reinforcing the message that collective efforts can create meaningful and lasting impacts.

During this year's Zamanand Festival, visitors can expect a vibrant program featuring diverse music performances, art displays, engaging workshops, and community-driven initiatives. From traditional folk music to contemporary art installations, the festival promises an immersive experience celebrating the beauty of Munich's culture, heritage, and modern urban aspirations.

As the cityscape transforms into a hub of joy, creativity, and camaraderie, Munich eagerly awaits the Zamanand Festival, an event that reflects the city's vision for a greener, more inclusive, and vibrant future. The festival's invitation to all, regardless of age, background, or means, epitomizes the spirit of unity and togetherness that Munich proudly embraces.

Zamanand Festival is a remarkable testament to the power of collective action, proving that when the community comes together to celebrate and champion sustainability, the possibilities for a brighter future are limitless.

For more info see the site of the Zamanand Festival (in German)

Photo copyright Bernadette Stöckl

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