Turkish Airlines transports tons of supplies from BER

Sun 12th Feb, 2023

Tons of relief goods for the people affected by the earthquake in Turkey will be flown out these days also from the capital's airport BER by plane. The semi-state-owned airline Turkish Airline is taking over the transport of the goods collected in the capital region, as the company announced on Thursday. According to the statement, the processes are coordinated by the Turkish Consulate General. The supplies will be carried in the cargo holds of regular passenger planes. For this purpose, Turkish Airlines flies twice a day with wide-bodied aircraft, in which there is particularly ample space.

Most of the planes take off for Istanbul. From there, the relief supplies will be forwarded to the earthquake regions, according to Turkish Airlines. The company also takes relief supplies for Turkey from other German airports. Nowhere, however, are the quantities as large as in Berlin, it said. Mosque associations and Turkish aid organizations in particular are collecting the items.

They are currently stored in a large hall for the International Aerospace Exhibition ILA. The sympathy and solidarity in Berlin for the victims of the disaster is great. Within just one day, the hall had filled up considerably with relief supplies of all kinds, the airport said.

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