Supermarket chains lower their coffee prices

Sun 12th Feb, 2023

After butter prices, coffee prices in Germany are also sliding. The retail chains Aldi, Kaufland and Norma significantly reduced the prices of ground coffee and whole beans. Edeka, Rewe and Penny announced they would follow suit.

The discounter Aldi announced on Friday that it had reduced the prices of its own brands Morena, Markus Kaffee, Amaroy and Tizio in its more than 4,000 stores "permanently by up to 20 percent" with immediate effect. The innovation applies to Aldi South and Aldi North.

The coffee will thus be up to one euro cheaper per 500 gram package. Also competitor Norma lowered the prices practically in the same step. Kaufland announced on its homepage: "We are permanently reducing prices for filter and bean coffee".

The supermarket chains Edeka and Rewe, as well as the discounter Penny, announced on request that they would reduce prices to the same extent as their competitors. This will happen "in a timely manner," said Rewe.

"Branded coffee is also becoming cheaper," was the message from Edeka. The background to the red pen action: the price of coffee has fallen noticeably on the world market since the fall.

It should only be a matter of time before the rest of the trade follows the price reduction of the pioneers. After all, coffee is considered to be a cornerstone product, which customers use as a basis for their price perception of a retailer.

In recent days and weeks, the discounters had already lowered prices for butter and milk, as well as for some hygiene products.

Butter prices had already started to slide at the beginning of February. The price of the cheapest 250-gram pack of branded butter fell from 1.99 to 1.59 euros.

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