Skills Training Fair Hits the Mark

Tue 18th Jul, 2023

The significance of the topic of additional training was evident in the response received at the recent skills improvement fair. Over 1,000 attendees gathered at the Alte Kongresshalle on Theresienhöhe in Munich to explore opportunities for further education and skills enhancement.

Within the main hall of the fair, 20 training providers had set up their booths, offering guidance and information to both companies and employees. The attendees eagerly embraced the available resources. The Employment Agency, Munich Job Center, and network partners were also present, showcasing their own stands and providing consultation services.

Wilfried Hüntelmann, CEO of the Munich Employment Agency, expressed the importance of their decision to organize a trade fair dedicated to further training. He stated, "Collaborating with training providers, stakeholders, and partners has proven instrumental in rapidly delivering comprehensive information and guidance. In an ever-changing work environment, the significance of continuous learning and upskilling will only grow. Therefore, I am delighted that this trade fair has successfully established itself."

In addition to the exhibition, the fair featured two prominent keynote speakers and a panel discussion. Ulrike Scharf, the Bavarian Minister of State for Family, Labor, and Social Affairs, participated in the discussion and emphasized the ongoing transformation of the job market. Scharf highlighted the importance of further education and training in strengthening Bavaria's labor market, skilled workforce, and sustainable companies. She announced an investment of 87 million euros from the European Social Fund Plus towards further training initiatives. Furthermore, she highlighted the "Pact for Vocational Training 4.0" and the provision of free advice, which catered to the specific needs of long-term unemployed individuals, refugees, and those already employed.

The Munich Employment Agency remains committed to supporting and promoting employee and company qualification. They have already planned the 2024 training fair as part of their ongoing efforts.


Translated and rewritten from Press Release

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