SEO Tips 2018

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Ranking high is very important in digital marketing. It allows you can stay relevant and gain competitive advantage. SEO has become increasingly essential for businesses and bloggers in an attempt to drive more traffic towards their sites. Most websites are using aggressive SEO strategies. Here are SEO tips that can help you to rank higher in 2018.

Optimize for voice search
More people are now using voice search meaning that you must dedicate yourself to optimizing your sites for voice search. According to technology experts, voice search is expected to be one of the biggest trends to watch out for in 2018. Voice activated search is increasing rapidly with more teens and adults opting for voice search. It is fast and convenient to use especially for busy people. Therefore, if your site is compatible with voice search your ranking can improve.

Focus on searcher intent
Creating a content that is relevant to the searchers you are targeting is very important. Site users come online to search for different things and your content must be directly in line with what they are looking for. Understanding the user's intention gives you guidelines on what answers should be provided or the keywords to use.

Dedicate more to mobile compatibility
Having a mobile site is essential in this era of ever-increasing mobile users worldwide. Statistically more people are using their mobile device to browse the internet compared to desktop users. A mobile site will cater for users that use mobile search. Mobile version has a big impact on your ranking; therefore, it is one of the important SEO areas to focus on.

Research on keywords to use
Keywords are vital in SEO, keywords can get picked easily by Google's algorithm and your blog can appear on the top list of SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Finding keywords can be difficult when you do it on your own. There are keyword tools you can use such Google Adwords Keyword Tool and Using these two make it easier to find the right keywords.

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