Private Health Insurance in Germany - Pros and Cons

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The choice between private and statutory health insurance (public health insurance) and the specific services depends on the individual needs, characteristics and other factors of the person in question. As one can see below, private health insurance in Germany has a number of advantages and disadvantages. In the end it is the individual factor that decides which type of insurance is best for whom.


The general advantages and disadvantages of Private Health Insurance in Germany at a glance




Low entry tariffs partly cheaper than public health insurance

Change back to public health insurance only possible under certain conditions

Preferred treatment compared to statutory insured patients - no or shorter waiting times

Health examination needed before admission

Individually selectable services, such as free

doctor's choice, additional dental treatment or sick pay

Higher contributions possible in the case of pre-existing conditions; in some cases, the admission can be refused completely

Premium refund for non-use of individual services

Invoices must first be paid by yourself and then submitted for billing

The capacities of private health insurance are always customizable for premium increases

Contribution increases are possible at any time. However, a change of the provider in this case is possible without restrictions

The amount of income is irrelevant for the contribution rates

Each family member pays their own contribution (children are free of charge in the statutory health insurance)

Contractually guaranteed services are retained

Contributions are also to be paid for periods of maternity, parental leaves or illnesses that last for more than 6 weeks

Possible agreement on a deductible to reduce amount of contribution




Considering the Pros and Cons, Private Health Insurance is most worthwhile for the following types of people:

  • People with high income - the contributions in private health insurance are independent of your income whereas in public health insurance, the contributions rise up to a certain maximum value according to your income level

  • Generally healthy people - contributions are lower due to the lower risk of illness

  • Young singles - because they do not have kids who cost extra

  • People with a high standard of service and exclusivity

As the decision for or against private health insurance is always dependent on personal circumstances, a general statement is not possible. Good consultation and an insurance comparison should therefore always precede this.


If you find yourself in need of health insurance in Germany, or plan to relocate to Germany for work, then securing health insurance should be your number one priority. As a special arrangement, The Eye Newspapers (publisher of this news site) have negotiated a great deal for its readers to acquire the best insurance coverage with English-language customer service, English-language form-filling and all other services provided by an expatriate-friendly insurer who understands the unique challenges of relocating to Germany and completing the process of acquiring the various insurances you are legally obliged to get, and those you may need to consider.  See German Health Insurance for the International Community to request a quote or to find out more.  We highly reccomend people new to Germany to consider these expat-friendly services.

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Private health insurance is great if you fancy your own room or just shared with one other person, but it also is a pain to fill out the forms in German.

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