Preparations for Mae West Begin

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Munich. This year at Effnerplatz a sex bomb will reach into the sky - or at least something that had the same name as the sex bomb in the 1920's: Mae West.

It is a 52 metre high sculpture made of 32 carbon pipes. Yesterday the scaffolding construction began from which the 1.55 million Euro artwork will be assembled.

Firstly, from the scaffolding, the lower 15 metre steel pipes of the sculpture will be assembled. Afterwards follows the frame, on which the 37 metre high carbon construction will eventually arise. The last task is a simple one in comparison: the carbon pipes will be assembled on site, to form a lower and upper body, the lower parts will be anchored in a ring and then a crane carries the 60 ton corpus to form the upper body. The assembly of the crane takes about five times longer than the construction of the structure itself, estimates the local building board. Construction will start in mid October.

The district of Bogenhausen in the meanwhile worries about the new tram line, which will begin to drive under the artwork at the start of autumn - from Effnerplatz along Englschalkinger and Cosimastraße to St. Emmeram. On the 4.3 kilometre long line, there will be nine new stops, which only have a working title for now. One of them is "Pioneer school". This name is invalid because the Bundeswehr facility will be demolished, says the union of the hearing impaired. Which is why they applied at the district council to name the future tram stop at the junction of Lohengrinstraße and Cosimastraße "Gehörlosenzentrum" (Centre of Hearing Impaired).  Because the stop will be used mostly from visitors of the centre, which lies in the Lohengrinstraße 11.

The MVG will check ideas for tram stop names, which come from the district council, says press spokesman Christian Miehling. "Suitable names would be ones with which the majority of passengers can identify." Which is why most of the stops are usually named after the next closest cross-road. A stop called Lohengrinstraße already exists for bus line 188. Which is why a new name must be devised, which also serves well for non-locals later on.

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