Police chase gun nut in Black Forest

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Sat 18th Jul, 2020

An armed man threatened police officers in Oppenau in the Black Forest on Sunday and took their weapons. The 31-year-old German then fled into a forest and has since been sought by a large contingent, according to police in Offenburg.

The police had been informed on Sunday morning that a suspicious man was seen at a hut. When officers found him there, they reportedly discovered that he was carrying a knife and a pistol in addition to bows and arrows.

He is said to have been cooperative at first. In a manner not yet clarified, the man then succeeded in threatening and disarming the police officers before he escaped.

"Suddenly, and completely unexpectedly for the officers, he pulled out a firearm and threatened the investigators, leaving them no time to react to the dangerous situation," the police announced late Sunday evening. Then the man is said to have threatened them and asked them to put down their guns. He then made his escape, "presumably with the service weapons", as the story goes. None of the policemen were injured.

The man is probably dressed in camouflage patterns and is most likely armed. He is about 170 centimetres tall, slim and wearing glasses. He is also said to have a goatee and a partial bald head. The suspect has no fixed residence and is possibly staying in or around the forest area of Oppenau.

He has already had several conflicts with the police, among other things because of violation of the weapons law. The police published a public search with a photo of the wanted man.

The police described Yves R. as very knowledgeable of the area and called on the population to avoid forest areas and to stay at home if possible until the perpetrator is caught.

Meanwhile, the schools in Oppenau are to reopen after they closed on Monday.

In connection with the police mission in Oppenau, which has been ongoing since Sunday, and the resulting search for a 31-year-old, a tip=off line was set up. Officers are taking calls from the public at the following telephone numbers: 0781 / 21-3333 and 0781 / 21-3334.

Citizens can use these phones to give information about the suspect or observed facts and to support the police in their investigations.

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