Weather gets the better of Munich baseball clubs

Score last weekend's regional baseball activity as follows: Weather 5 - Munich Teams 0.

After any number of washouts over the month of May, this past weekend it finally happened: All five Munich-area baseball clubs playing in German baseball's top three divisions saw their doubleheader fixtures fall victim to the rain and/or baseball fields made unplayable by the rain.

The washouts included the Haar Disciples 1st team's game in Stuttgart (1. Bundesliga South), the Haar Disciples 2nd team away against the Regensburg 2nd team, the Baldham Boars' home game against the Karlsruhe Cougars (both 2. Bundesliga South), as well as the Munich Caribes away fixture in Herrenberg and the Gauting Indians game at Ingolstadt (both Regionalliga Southeast).

For the Haar Disciples 2nd team, the rainout was possibly a blessing. For in a mid-week fixture on May 30th, the team played away at the league-leading Regensburg Legionaires, getting annihilated in the first game by 22-2 and then being downed 7-2 in the second game. The Haar junior varsity's season record now stands at 0-8.

All the fixtures will eventually be made up later in the season, but will require the clubs to coordinate with their opponents on setting up new playing dates. Baldham will have most of such rescheduling work cut out for it, since last weekend's rainout cancellation was the fourth this season. The newcomers to the 2. Bundesliga in fact have so far played only twice, with a cumulative won-lost record of 2-2.

This coming Saturday (June 8th), weather permitting, the Haar Disciples will host the Mannheim Tornados in the 1. Bundesliga (game time 13:00 CET). This is a rare occasion when baseball fans will be happy to see some Tornados - and hopefully no rain - on the field. In the Regionalliga-Southeast, meanwhile, a showdown of sorts will take place in Gauting, when the second-place Indians (6-4) host the still-undefeated (10-0) Munich Caribes.

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