WWII bomb unearthed in heart of Schwabing

Yesterday evening, during construction work on the grounds of the former famous pub "Schwabinger 7", a WWII bomb was foundLeopoldstrasse closed to the public whilst bomb remains active. Although this still happens regularly in Munich, defusing it was more difficult than normal. It was fortunate that no one was hurt, as experts indicated this was an active bomb that could have exploded at any time. In 2010, three experts were killed trying to defuse a similar bomb in Göttingen.

Yesterday's bomb did not explode and is still active. Instead, experts say the bomb has to be detonated at the location where it was found. 2,500 People living on and around Feiltitzstrasse, have subsequently been evacuated. Many streets including Leopoldstraße and the U-Bahn station Münchner Freiheit had to be closed. It is thought that a controlled detonation will take place later today.

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