Unlikely saviour for Nürburgring?

Bernie to bail out Nürburgring? Photo wikimedia/Ryan BayonaFormula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone has emerged as a surprise saviour to bail out the bankrupt Nürburgring race track and complex.

The 81-year-old is currently embroiled in a corruption scandal being investigated by Munich authorities. And the elderly statesman of motor racing remained mysteriously absent from the recent Grand Prix at Hockenheim, sparking speculation that he was unwilling to set foot on German soil for fear of being arrested.

However, in an interview with Bild newspaper, the billionaire has scoffed at these reports saying that he had to stay at home to console his distraught daughter, Tamara, who is involved in a messy relationship break-up. Ecclestone was also allegedly busy meeting Olympic representatives and American TV executives.

The F1 boss didn't rule out a trip to Germany in due course to discuss the precarious Nürburgring financial situation and 'to see if we can help them,' he said.

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