There's a new kid in town

Bayern Munich have confirmed that Borussia Dortmund wonderkid Mario Götze will be a part of Pep Guardiola's new squad from July 1st this year after the recently crowned Bundesliga champions are reported to have triggered the transfer release (EUR38 million) cause in his contract.

The announcement comes at horrible timing for Borussia Dortmund ahead of their UEFA Champions League semi-final against Real Madrid. Juergen Klopp's side were riding the wave of ecstasy after their memorable win over Malaga in the quarter-final but now the mood will surely be dampened. It is important to recognise that the departure of Götze to Bayern is incomparable in any other division. As much as Dortmund players moving to Bayern is no sensation, this announcement is a huge shock.

Götze, 20-years-old, is one of the most incredible, young attacking midfielders in Germany and has recently been labelled the solution to the much-documented "false-nine" position that national manager Joachim Loew is seemingly leaning towards. His fantastic footwork, goal-scoring threat and fluid interplay has shot him to fame and caused the rest of Europe to take the increasing amounts of interest.

If Mario Gomez stays, then Bayern have effectively secured the "Super Mario Triplets", even if the slightly elder representative is not as dominant as he once was. The new arrival though, on the other hand, has his best years ahead of him and with 114 appearances (31 goals, 43 assists) for Dortmund and 22 (5 goals, 2 assists) for his country, it is staggering to think what is yet to come. His decision to join the ranks at Bayern under Pep shows a great deal of maturity though. It isn't ever day that a manager like Guardiola chooses to manage in the Bundesliga and Götze's decision to join him, is one clearly in an attempt to become the best player he can be. There's no doubt that Klopp works his magic and creates a bond with his players but there is an allure about Guardiola and what with Messi reaching new heights under his management, Götze will no doubt be thinking along the same lines of potential.

In terms of old-fashioned media spin, this is a trump card by Bayern. In the week where Bayern president Uli Hoeness is under investigation for tax fraud, Bayern have shifted the focus from internal issues to exciting prospects. Furthermore, it takes a little edge off of Bayern's eagerly anticipated encounter against Barcelona tonight. Admittedly, the focus will still be on the 90 minutes but some players, perhaps Arjen Robben in particular, will be keen to prove their future positions.

For Dortmund, it seems to be spelling the potential beginning of the end as Robert Lewandowski is also expected to join Bayern in the summer. With the likes of Barcelona also keen on centre-back Mats Hummels and Felipe Santana also reported to be on the verge of a shock move to Schalke 04, even manager Juergen Klopp's position will be viewed with a great deal of interest.

In terms of Bayern, it is one of the most incredible signings in recent years and does a great to deal to make up for the one that got away - Mats Hummels was a former Bayern player. The signing, one apparently requested by incoming manager Pep Guardiola, spells a potential period of dominance for Bayern. Many will claim it "boring" and that it spells the end to the competitive nature of the Bundesliga but in reality, it is a positive for the league. He's staying after all and that's a great thing for all those watching on.

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