Neo-Nazis in search of a home

Udo Pastoers, head of the NPD  - munichFOTO / Marek PetersExtreme Far-Right groups in Munich seem undeterred by the NSU murder cases coming to light. On the contrary, numerous groups across Bavaria are currently searching for available properties in order to form new neo-Nazi bases of operations. Real estate in the Bavarian countryside seem to be of particular interest to them.

Recently, there has reportedly been a feeling amongst neo-Nazis that the Far-Right German nationalist party, The NPD (The National Democratic Party of Germany - The People's Union), is not radical enough in their opinion. As a consequence, there has been a recent influx into an alliance known as the "Freien Netz Süd" (Southern Free Network).
The "Freien Netz Süd" is a group of neo-Nazis who have taken over a former village tavern in Halsbach (Kreis Altötting) as their headquarters. They immediately named the pub, whose main room can seat up to 400 people, "Haus der Kunst - und Meinungsfreiheit" (The House of Art and Freedom of Expression). The extremists now have a place where they can meet with other like-minded neo-Nazis and this base can also be used as an official living and commercial centre. All this was with the acquiescence of the building's owner, despite numerous complaints from local residents.

Halsbach is only one example of what is happening in many corners of Bavaria. The Far-Right extremist scene is currently striving for recognition in the Bavarian Constitution in order to form new venues and training centres. In the Bavarian capital of Munich, spokesperson for the Bavarian Constitutional Protection, Sönke Meußer, stated that if they succeed, the neo-Nazi scene will have regional focal points that they can use to strengthen cohesion and to recruit new members. Such groups and their leaders can be found in Upper and Middle Franconia, as well as in both the city and suburbs of Munich.

A national centre has recently been formed in in Nürnberg-Langwasser by the "Freies Netz Süd", and suspicious activity has also been observed in Feilitzsch nahe Hof in Upper Franconia. A property was recently purchased by a housewife of one of the NPD members, and although up until now there have been no signs that the property will be used for neo-Nazi meetings, there are concerns that the purchase might eventually be for exactly that purpose. "We are observing the situation and are waiting for further developments."

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