The Countdown has begun

After a few false starts, reassessments and restructurings, we here at The Munich Eye is progressing ever so closer to a "Launch". The random and sometimes haphazard articles we have posted so far have been an attempt by us to garner feedback, work out some bugs and to show some formatting to potential advertisers and partners. We are rapidly approaching the day when everything goes live.

Our intention at The Munich Eye is to create a newspaper that is geared towards everyone, but no one group in particular. From Bavarian or German or European businessmen (and women) to expats, American tourists to potential university students from Asia, and everything in between, we here at The Munich Times hope we can cater to any group that might be interested in the news of Munich and its local surroundings. We encourage any feedback and criticism so we can improve. Feel free to contact us, we will listen!

Here are some of the exciting things we have planned for the upcoming few weeks as we go live:

"In Search of the Best Wurst", a look at the different neighborhoods of Munich in weekly installments as our staff partakes in a grilled sausage and cold beverage (beer!). Starts around May 1st, perhaps sooner (depending on the inconsistent German weather).

"Sunday Cultural Spotlight", interviews and stories about up and coming people in different fields, as they contribute to the fabric of Munich in arts, fashion and business. Mid-May beginning.

We will have many articles in the field of science and technology, reflecting the reality of business and educational institutes in Munich.

We hope to be the number one source for contemporary music, especially modern rock.

We hope that we come an important source for sports in Munich, both spectator and active.

We will have monthly features of day trips from Munich, but beyond the ones that anybody who has lived in Munich for a year will know. A real Bavarian's guide to Bavaria! And there will be many, many more stories to follow.

We will always be open to suggestions as we embark upon this journey. Please stuff our email boxes, your opinion counts! Thanks again from The Munich Eye staff, we look forward to serving you and our beloved community of Munich.

The Munich Eye Staff

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