Summer Volksfests: just like Oktoberfest, but without the hassle

Munich is of course known for the world famous Oktoberfest, but even in the middle of the summer very similar festivals are held throughout the region. Each of these has carnival games, rides, and of course beer tents with what many would say is a more authentic atmosphere than its big brother on the Theresienwiese. Here are a few volksfests going on now or coming up in the next couple weeks:
July 12-23 - Kaufbeuren's volksfest is known as Tänzelfest. Kaufbeuren is one hour Southwest of Munich and easily reachable by regional train every hour from Munich. Information on the events at the Kaufbeuren Tänzelfest can be found on their official website.
July 13-23 - The Ulmer Volksfest is held on the East side of Ulm. Ulm is two hours west of Munich by Regional Express, with trains every hour. More information on events at the Ulmer volksfest can be found at their website.
July 14-22 - Right in the heart of Munich, the 54th Magdalenenfest is held at the world's largest beer garden, the hirschgarten. This is by far the easiest volksfest on this list to get to and yet still remains quite small and hidden from the majority of Münchners.
July 17-22 - The town of Neufahrn, on the S1 line, has its volksfest for only a few days. You can find more information on the town's website.
July 19-23 - The town of Poing, accessable from the S2 line, has its volksfest just a few steps from the S-bahn and a short 30 minute ride from the Hauptbahnhof. More information can be found at their official website.
July 26-Aug 19 - Olympia Sommerfest, located at the Olympic park, will be going strong with nights of fireworks, concerts, and the whole carnival experience just a short U-bahn away. For More information please visit the official website. For a schedule of concerts being held at the Olympia Sommerfest, check out Theatron.
July 28-Aug 5 - München Jakobidult, the Au's summer time volksfest, will be another easily accessible mid summer festival. Located right on Mariahilfplatz, it's really just a few minutes from the city center. This is also half flea market for those looking for a bargain. For specific info please visit the Auer Dult website.

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