Sigi Sommer statue is gone

Sigi Sommer's staue has withstood all kinds of weather (photo Ken Macbeth Knowles)

Hundreds of pedestrians have flocked past him every day since 1998, however today the site where the Sigi-Sommer-Statue has stood for so many years, now stands empty. Only a red and white fence remains to mark the spot of the famous bronze statue, since it was recently removed in order to be make way for construction work.

The statue in Rosenstraße celebrated a well-known writer and journalist, who won his reputation as a result of his local column that was published in Munich's Abendzeitung, named 'Blasius der Spaziergänger', in which he outlined the unique ways of Munich residents. He became locally known as 'Der Grantler', meaning 'the grumbler', due to the often cynical nature of his columns. After Sigi Sommer's move from Süddeutsche Zeitung to the Abendzeitung in 1949 and the publication of his signature column, it became hugely successful and continued to appear in the Abendzeitung for another forty years.

By mid-October, the bronze Sigi is expected to be back in his rightful place, observing Munich pedestrians from his advantageous position on Rosenstraße.

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