Sexual offender caught

Office worker sexually assaulted in lift Wednesday morning, Thursday evening woman attacked in U-Bahn station. After two victims in two days, Muncih police catch up with the offender.

In the immediate vicinity of the new police headquarters in Landshuter Allee, a woman was attacked and raped last week on her way to her office. The attack took place in an in an office building in the district of Neuhausen at roughly 8:50 a.m. on Wednesday morning 1 August. Apparently, the attacker followed the employee from the U-Bahn station on Mailinger Straße to the office building on Landshuter Allee. As she entered the lift he began his sexual attack, the victim was able to escape after the lift doors opened onto the floor of her office.

On Thursday evening, the following day, the man strikes again. This time at Neuperlach South underground station at roughly 11pm. The 24-year-old victim was grabbed from behind and pushed to the ground. The offender was only scared off after approaching pedestrians heard the victims screams.

Thanks to detailed descriptions from both victims and witnesses, the police were able to identitfy the attacker on surveillance equipment and both victims subsequently identified him on-screen. The police caught up with the tall, dark-haired offender at Marienplatz. He is alledged to have confessed to both crimes.

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