SPD challenger Steinbrück criticized for additional income

The new elected chancellor candidate for the SPD for next year´s elections, Peer Steinbrück, is criticized for his paid activities besides being a member of the Bundestag (German Parliament). Steinbrück was Minister for Finance in the great coalition from 2005-2009. After SPD had to quit government then, he decided to step back. Anyway he is still member of the parliament.

Since then Steinbrück hold about speeches he was paid for, especially for banks and law-companies. Although he published his income according to the regulation of the Bundestag, many critics see a conflict of interest. On one occasion he was booked by a law-company he hired as minister to prepare a regulation for banks, in other occasions he was booked by an agency that the real customer is unknown. Steinbrück earned about 1 mio euros additional to his regular income as Member of the Bundestag.

Steinbrück declared he will not continue to hold paid speeches and publish his additional income.

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