Rise in violence against police force

Innenminster (Home Secretary) Joachim Hermann has recently highlighted the plight of today's police force, who 's members are frequently subjected to abuse and even violence by the general public. Within the last year, almost 7,000 officers have been attacked, with almost 19 case of violence against the police filed every day. Hermann blames a dwindling respect for the police force.

This year, police in Bavaria have been subjected to more attacks than in preceding years. When compared to 2010, the number of violent acts against members of the police force has increased by 10 percent, according to a report yesterday, on 'Violence against police officers in 2012'. Almost one in three police officers have been affected by violence and Hermann concludes that this can only be due to waning respect for the police force and police officers themselves. Herman also recommended harsher measures to protect the police and called for faster convictions of offenders by the courts.

Police officers are routinely insulted, threatened, spat on, kicked and some have even suffered blows to the head, reported Hermann. In some cases the officers were fearful for their lives. The number of attacks involving knives has fallen slightly this year, however there were 5 case involving knives that were classed as attempted murder. Hermann stated that the murder in October 2012 of the Ausburg police officer, Mathias Vieth, highlights what these criminals are capable of.

Despite the fingertip of an officerhaving been reportedly bitten off in one particular case, explained State Police President Waldemar Kindler, the situation in Bavaria is markedly better in comparison with other areas of the countries. The nationwide picture will be revealed in the upcoming weeks.

The report stated that 72 percent of the offenders were either drunk or under the influence of drugs, at the time of alledged offence. Most cases, 40 percent, involved threatening behaviour, 20 percent reported resistance to the police and 30 percent of cases were classed as assault.

During 2011, more than 14,000 officers were subjected to psychological or physical violence, which is 13.4 percent more than in 2010, meaning that on average there were 19 cases reported every day. 1,918 police officers were injured in 2011, an increase of 17.1 percent when compared to 2010. More than 80 percent of perpetrators were of German nationality. According to the report, police officers seem particularly at risk when working at the weekend or at night.

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