Referee attacked during football game

The football club FC Iliria is under supervision after an attack on an opposing team's referee by the club's players. The police and the Football Association are both actively involved in the incident.

Concern is mounting as to the welfare of Thomas K, the referee who was brutally attacked by the players of FC Illiria. The referee, from Feldkirchen-Westerham, was refereeing in stoppage time during a high stakes game in Rosenheim between FC Iliria and ESV Rosenheim when he was set upon by members of the home team and severely injured. The man suffered serious head wounds and is currently undergoing eye surgery in Munich. The police have said that his injuries are serious wil probably causehim life-long suffering.

Talip S, acting coach of Iliria's opposition ESV Rosenheim, was also knocked to the ground when he tried to take conciliatory action and subsequently suffered abdominal injuries.

The district court acting for Inn/Salzach has provisionally banned two players with immediate effect via an injunction and announced the decision without delay. A statement from the Bavarian Football Association reassured all involved that the referee would receive support from the Football Association and 'all necessary assistance'. 'The Bavarian Football Association abides by a clear-cut zero tolerance policy in regards to all incidents of violence', assured the district chairman Horst Winkler, shortly after the incident. ' What has happened after the game in Rosenheim is totally unacceptable' , said Winkler, who later went on to reassure those affected that legal consequences would follow and that the actions of the players would be regarded as 'criminal'.

Since the case has come to light other incidents have attracted further criticism to the club, including allegations of Xenophobia. There have been several instances of xenophobic and right wing comments appearing on the affiliated Facebook site and the police are currently investigating such claims.

The officials of FC Iliria were once again back in action during a key match against the SV-DJK Kolbermoor on Sunday. 'At least two police officers' will be present during the game, confirmed police headquarters in Oberbayern. The police explained that, regarding the recent violence, this was a necessary preventative measure for everyone's safety.

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