Overweight 5 years old at risk of heart and vascular disease

A new study has shown that children as young as 5 years old are at risk of Heart and Vascular disease if they are overweight.

However there is good news for children in Bavaria as in recent years the number of overweight and obese children has seen a slight decline. In the school year 2008/2009 around 3 percent of children starting school could be deemed severely overweight or obese. In comparison, figures for the previous year stood 0.9 percent higher at 3.9 percent.

These figures were taken from the Bayerischen Adipositas-Report (Bavarian Obesity Report) that was released on Monday by Health Minister, Marcel Huber (CSU). However the report is based on numbers that were collected four years previously.

The study also revealed that Bavaria's rate of obesity amongst children was noticeably below the national average. Huber commended Bavaria for this but emphasised the continued importance of adults setting a good example to younger citizens.

Parents in particular have the duty to teach their children the importance of eating well and staying active. A healthy lifestyle should be a challenge that is taken on by the 'whole community', said Huber.

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