NSU Trial Postponed

The trial of NSU member Beate Zschape, which was set to begin in Munich on Wednesday, has been postponed until May 6th.

The decision has been made as a result of the journalist accreditation process. Due to the small size of the court room, members of the Turkish press had not managed to reserve a spot at the trial, despite the trial having mostly to do with the murders of Turkish businessmen.

The issue was taken to the German Constitutional Court, which ruled last week that the Turkish media must be given a space at the trial. Consequently, the accreditation process must be started over, which will take several weeks. 

The decision has been met with anger and frustration by the families of the victims. The lawyer representing two of these families has described the inability of the court to simply allocate the journalists spots at the trial as "slapstick."

The members of the families, who have already arrived in Munich and who have been mentally preparing for the day when they watch Zschape go on trial for the murder of their relatives, will have to make completely new arrangements as a result of the decision.

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