Music in Munich

Every week there dozens of live music concerts in Munich and we at The Munich Eye will try to keep you informed of upcoming shows. Here are this week's concert picks:

David Guetta - Saturday July 21st @ 4pm, tickets go for EUR67.30. This is a special show at Königsplatz and although you can hear it from a good distance, the party is directly in front of the Propyläen.
ANLI POLLICINO, Sunday July 22, 8pm @ Hansa 39. Presale tickets can be bought at: This is a J-Rock band for those with more Japanese tastes.
Avengers & the Adolescents, Monday July 21, 8pm @ Hansa 39, tickets are EUR15 at the door. These are two legendary old-school punk bands from California; if you don't know their names, look them up in an encyclopedia as they are that old and well known.
Rancid, July 20, 8pm @ Tonhalle. This show is sold out, tickets may still be available in front of the venue.
G3 (Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and Steve Morse) 8pm, EUR55.95 @ Tonhalle. G3 is a guitar tour-de-force the likes of which is very rarely heard. The guitarists names alone should nearly sell this show out and it is advised to buy your tickets as soon as possible.

Also be sure to check out the Backstage Free & Easy Festival article for some other top concerts which are also free!

Backstage Free & Easy Festival really is Free and Easy
Those interested in rock, pop, indie, metal, or punk might want to check out this year's Backstage Free & Easy festival. The festival goes from Saturday July 21st until August 4th, with all concerts completely free on every stage available. The backstage has four stages during the summer and since each stage will typically have a different genre showcased on any given night, that gives the casual listener the option of wandering around and taking in many bands that they normally wouldn't get the opportunity to check out. Here are some of the top picks for this year's festival:
July 21st - Blackmail @ Backstage Halle
July 23rd - Anti Flag @ Backstage Werk
July 26th - Ignite @ Backstage Werk
July 29th - Agnostic Front & DRI @ Backstage Werk
July 30th - Sepultura @ Backstage Werk
July 30th - MXPX Allstars @ Backstage Club
July 31st - Russkaja @ Backstage Werk
Some would say the best part of the Backstage Free & Easy festival is the price of beer at their beer garden. A liter of Kaltenberg beer is just EUR5.50.

Music in Munich
Every week there dozens of live music concerts in Munich and we at The Munich Times will try to keep you informed of upcoming shows. Here are this week's concert picks:
Poison Idea - Thursday July 12th, 8pm, EUR12 at the door. Poison idea, an 80's punk band from Oregon, are playing at the Orange House, which is part of the Feierwerk.
Incubus - Thursday July 12th, 8pm, EUR33 presale, performance @ Zenith - This popular 90's alternative rock band is still easily able to sell out the biggest of Munich's venues, so buy tickets in advance as it most likely will sell out.
In München Nix Los! - A Munich Punk Statement - Friday July 13th, 7pm, EUR10 at the door @ Feierwerk Kranhalle & Hansa 39 - Punk in Munich CD compilation release party with at least eight local punk bands (with more to be announced) and free sampler CD with entrance.
Kenny Wayne Sheppard - Friday July 13th, 7pm, buy tickets online for EUR37, performing @ Backstage. This platinum selling blues rock guitarist is likely to sell out, so buy tickets early.
ROCK & POPPEN SummerJam 2012 - Saturday July 14th, 6pm, EUR10 at the door @ Feierwerk Kranhalle & Hansa 39. With the motto of "indie meets indietronics," there are 11 bands representing indie, rock, and electronica at this mini-festival.
Municipal Waste - Tuesday July 17th, 8pm, EUR16 at the door @ Feierwerk Hansa 39. This thrash metal band from Richmond Virginia may sell out the venue, so I would make sure to be on time or buy tickets in advance.

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