Munich Voted Germany's Second Most Attractive City

Munich has been voted the second most attractive city in Germany.

In a poll released by YouGov, Munich was selected by 15 percent of respondents as Germany's most attractive city. Hamburg took the top spot, with one in six respondents indicating they would most like to live there.

The poll, which questioned over 1000 people all over the age of 18, also asked their respondents to indicate where they would least like to live in Germany. Munich came in fourth place on the least desirables list, with only one in ten respondents indicating it as their least favourite German city. Meanwhile, Essen in the Ruhr was voted Germany's least popular city.

The poll had its drawbacks, however. Respondents were not alloed to indicate their favourite city but rather had to select their favourite from a list of only 14 choices. The poll also showed that most respondents tended to indicate their favourite German city being the one on the list that was closest to where they currently lived. Most Bavarians indicated Munich as the best city in Germany.

Respondents under the age of 25 swung towards Berlin, while older respondents preferred Munich. Berlin came in third place overall, with 11% of respondents indicating it as Germany's most attractie city.

Whether or not Germans would prefer to live in a large city or in the countryside was not asked by the pollsters.

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