Munich's 'Long Night of Music' is a perfect excuse to enjoy the city after dark

From Rock to Greek Byzantine Choir, or Calypso to authentic Indian dancing, Munich's 'Long Night of Music' has something for everyone. Started a few years ago and modelled on the immensely popular 'Long Night of the Museums', the 'Long Night of Music' allows the inhabitants of the area a chance to visit many places at one time that they would normally not have an opportunity to do. This is because it is coupled with Munich's city subway/tram/bus company which provides transportation throughout the city. There are 123 different locations divided into 4 zones, and the there is a circular bus route through each zone that allows easy hop on and hop off capabilities. The zones are Center, Southwest, East and Schwabing. Simply select a zone that you would like to visit, get your ticket, and start exploring! The price is also very reasonable, only 15 EURO, which grants admission to all the venues in a zone and all the Munich transportation services. R & B singer Cassandra Steen starts the evening's festivities at the BMW Welt. 

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