Kloster Reutberg

Kloster Reutberg - Only 45 km south from the heart of Munich is a place we discovered 12 years ago. This well-known monastery in the Sachsenkam township has its charms. Not only does its local brewery offers delightful traditional German food, and being set on a hill means that the views of the Alps from its beer garden are simply glorious. It offers an escape from the hustle of Bavarian city life. Many people conveniently end up here for coffee and cake after a nearby cycling or hiking tour; the restaurant is open everyday from 10am to midnight. We have even had the opportunity to sit in this beergarden on a sunny early November day!

Directly behind the monastery is a lovely trail that leads down to a beautiful lake, Kirchsee. It is a leisurely 40-minute walk that even our not-so-athletic children enjoyed. Hours can be spent here doing something as simple as skimming stones on the water, feeding the ducks or simply admiring the scenery. When it is really warm in summer, it is hard to keep the kids from joining the ducks in the water!

It can be reached by the BOB (Bayerische Oberlandbahn) train going toward Lenggries. Exit Schaftlach and head northwest on Reutbergstraße to Sachsenkam (20 minute walk). 


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