It's just not cricket. Oh yes it is in Munich.

Munich Cricket Club hits 30.Munich Cricket Club (MCC) will be celebrating its 30th anniversary on Saturday 21st July with a friendly game (1230 start) against its former captains.

The club was founded in 1982 and is one of the oldest cricket clubs in Germany.

Initial games were actually played on the vast open areas of the English Garden. A local rule back then meant that a batsman could not be given out if he had been distracted by one of the local 'maidens' who often 'inconveniently' disrobed behind the bowler's arm. Of course, nude sunbathing was and still is quite a popular pastime in Munich.

Apart from organising the first competition - the MCC Knockout Cup - and running the local league for the first few years, the club is a founder member of the Bavarian Cricket League and the German Cricket Association (DCB). It also played a formative role in the initial movements to set up the European Cricket Federation, which subsequently became the European Cricket Council, and operates under the auspices of the ICC Development Program.

Home games are played at the 'Hirschanger', arguably one of the most picturesque grounds in Germany, just a lofted off drive from the famous Chinese Tower beergarden. The ground is located in the south east corner of the English Garden, it's a ten minute walk north from Lehel U-Bahn station. Nearest tram stop is Paradiesstrasse opposite the ground - tram 17 direction Effnerplatz. More details can be found on the club website.

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