Hernandez Beats Ross by UD

Referee's facial expression tells a million stories. Photo Tony Mayger The Munich EyeGerman boxing received another bloody nose on Saturday night when Yoan Pablo Hernandez beat Troy Ross by unanimous decision after twelve rounds of IBF world cruiserweight championship boxing in Bamberg.

Boos and whistles were heard all around the Stechert Arena as the crowd demonstrated their displeasure at the judges decision. They felt that Ross had troubled Hernandez enough for the majority of the bout to earn favour on the scorecards. The judges scored the bout 114-113, 115-112, 116-112.

It's often talked about that foreign boxers coming to Germany will never get a decision go their way. The most recent exception being Daniel Geale but he is the only high-profile boxer to win here in 16 months according to promoter Kalle Sauerland.

At the post fight press conference Ross' trainer Chris Amos reinforced that feeling. "We are not Germans, we are Canadians and yet you can hear, you know, the displeasure from the German people. What's wrong with that?"

Despite accepting the grievance of Ross' team, promoter Kalle Sauerland was visibly displeased to hear Germany linked with unfair decisions and was quickly on the defensive.

Promoter Sauerland defended the decision. Photo Tony Mayger, The Munich Eye."I can understand what you're saying but I don't like the relation to Germany" retorted Kalle Sauerland in response to the insinuations.

This issue overshadowed what was a very entertaining boxing match between a dogged, Mike Tyson-like Troy Ross and Yoan Pablo Hernandez who looked a pale imitation of the man who twice fought Steve Cunningham.

The opening round went to the champion who was the busier of the two southpaws and he landed some good shots using his speed and height to full advantage.

The second round had Ross starting to find his way inside to unleash his trademark powerful body shots. His movement was better too and he managed to hurt Hernandez on a number of occasions whilst largely steering clear of danger.

Both punchers hit the canvas in round three although it seemed that Ross slipped when he went down. The action was really hotting up now and the exchanges were becoming more and more ferocious.

The gallant challenger Ross dominated for long spells and almost had the champ beat in Round 5. Photo Tony Mayger, The Munich Eye.Both men took it easy in round four. Hernandez was knocked down in round 5 and by the reaction of Ross' corner it seemed the end of the fight was in sight with wild celebrations at ringside from his corner.

Hernandez was by round six looking weak and open to attack. Fortunately for him though, Ross wasn't able to keep the pressure on and allowed the Cuban to recover.

Round nine was a cracker, both men really going for it but both equally able to absorb the hurting bombs. By the tenth Hernandez was back in business and dug deep to find the stamina to turn the tables on his Canadian opponent and see out the remaining rounds without too much trouble.

Both fighters as expected saluted what they each thought was their victory and after a short wait the referee grabbed each fighter by the arm. The scores were read out and everyone thought there would be a new world champion announced.
Ross surely deserves a rematch against Hernandez. Photo Tony Mayger, The Munich Eye.It wasn't to be. The officials recognised Hernandez as the winner and still IBF the world cruiserweight title holder. The decision was greeting by booing all around the arena. Ross was stunned. Quite what else he could have done to earn the win will forever remain unknown but his reduced work rate in the closing stages could be an attributing factor.

The press conference focused on the questionable outcome of the bout rather than the fantastic performances by these two gladiators.

Ross' final comment was "I thank you for taking the fight [to Hernandez], he is a brave opponent it's just that unfortunately the decision didn't go my way today but I know from the reaction of the crowd that is should have went my way".

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