Heat wave good for Franconian wine growers

Franconian wine is one of the delicacies the region is known forThe volume of wine being produced in the wine-growing region of Franconia this year is expected to be significantly higher than that of last year. This is according to a report from the Winzergemeinschaft Franken, which is Germany's fourth-largest  cooperative association of wine growers, as well as the top producer of Franconian wine. Recent high temperatures have meant that wine production in the region is faring particularly well and, as a result of the good yield, vineyards are expecting good quality wine.

The intense heat from the sun coupled with just the right amount of water is the trigger for a high production of sugar. "This process is a prerequisite for good quality wine," explained the leader of Winzergemeinschaft Franken (GWF) Christian Baumann on Monday.

The weather prediction earlier in the week was more sun and then cooler temperatures and rain near the end of the week, which is exactly what happened. This is further good news for wine production and Baumann called the recent weather conditions perfect. The only negative effect brought about by the heat wave is that it does not suit the Bacchus vines, which make up around 10 percent of the region's wine production. High temperatures are damaging to the growth of this particular grape and Baumann has estimated possible losses of between 5 and 30 percent.

Nevertheless, the volume of produce will definitely be higher than the numbers seen in the previous year according to the assessment of the Winegrowers' association. The crop of 2011 suffered from severe frost in May, when almost 60 hectares of land were damaged, leading to the worst harvest since the 1960s.

Stephan Schmidt, a representative from the Winegrowers' Association, said he expected a yield of 80 to 90 hectoliters per hectare. The available space in total is 5,900 hectares. The harvest in Franconia will be officially opened on the 18th September by Bavarian Agriculture Minister Helmut Brunner (CSU). A great day for the northernmost region of Bavaria, indeed.


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