Hans im Glück

Hans im Glück,  Türkenstr. 79, Munich. Burgers have become extremely popular in the last few years in Munich. Photo: Hans im GlückHans im Glück is a very welcoming restaurant with two locations in Munich, which focuses on the culinary art of creating the perfect gourmet burger. One is located behind the Ludwig-Maximilian University on Türkenstraße, and the other one is outside the east entrance of the Mailingerstraße U-Bahn. A combination of friendly staff and a modern interior design delivers an inviting atmosphere.

The menu offers something for everyone from burger classics, such as cheese and bacon, to gourmet combinations like hummus, olive and rocket salad. A wide variety of vegetarian and vegan burgers are also available. The average burger costs around 7 euros, but this price indicates the high quality and fresh ingredients that are used. The restaurant is a popular place for students and young professionals. Therefore, it can get very busy during lunch or evening time.

On my visit I had the namesake burger, the Hans im Glück. It comes with Parma ham, Parmesan, rocket with a balsamic reduction drizzle. The meat was cooked about medium-well, which is the perfect temperature for ground beef in a restaurant (if you know the butcher and it is fresh ground then rarer temperatures are generally OK). It was fairly full on a weekday evening and the wait time was about 18 minutes, normal for Germany, probably a bit slow for America.

When you have a large group, reserving a table is advisable. The central location makes Hans im Glück a very lively place, perfect for a lunch break from visiting the nearby art galleries and museums. The Neuhausen location is conveniently located only two stops from the main train station. I would recommend Hans im Glück because of its delicious, unique food and comfortable, friendly atmosphere.

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