German Eurovision entry set for mediocrity

Germany has little chance to win this year's contestThe Eurovision song contest in the last decade has been consistent in favoring either Eastern European countries or Scandinavian countries, with Germany being the one exception. Germany won in 2010 with an inexperienced, quirky, and oddly sexy performance by now famous Lena. Last year she tried her luck again, but with poor results.
This year Germany has chosen a single male singer, Roman Lob, with a song written by British musician Jamie Cullum. The track has achieved moderate success in Germany, peaking at number three on the charts, but little success elsewhere so far. Though the contest is supposed to be apolitical, it certainly plays a role. The difficult austerity measures championed by Germany in the EU, will certainly not win any votes from many other countries. This reviewer believes Germany will be lucky to achieve mediocrity in tomorrow's contest, but wishes Roman luck as he'll need it.


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