Further education reform in Bavaria

There has been a longstanding disagreement between teachers, students and politicians about reforms regarding Bavarian grammar schools, the so called Gymnasium.

In 2005, the Bavarian State government shortened the time from nine to eight years that students spend at such a school. This radical change put additional pressure on students, because the same amount of information had to be learned in a shorter amount of time. Due to the harsh complaints of teachers, parents and many of the students themselves, the Bavarian State government was forced to improve the situation.

The amount of material in eleven subjects, including history and languages, has been reduced as a result of the implementaion of the new education reform. In addition, students are now able to voluntarily retake a grade if they feel they have not adequately learned the subject matter. According to the CSU/FDP coalition, the introduction of these reforms fosters individual support and flexibility. The opposition characterised the act as a failed attempt to liberate educational reform.

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