Filly Follies? Fine! Fancy! Fantastic!

Heading to Munich over the weekend? Looking for something different, something interesting? Titillating, yet Intellectually Stimulating? Classy yet sassy? The Filly Follies have a show for you. But, what's a Filly Folly?

Since 2008 Aphrodite DeVine, ChiChi Bouvet and Diva DeSaster have been working their literal tails off to return Burlesque or neo-Burlesque (as the kids call it today) to its position as a top of the line theatrical entertainment. They are the first of their kind to return to this art form in the South of Germany and their pioneering efforts have been rewarded over the last three years by a continuous run of sold out shows and friendly press. A further reward for these butterflies of the stage in taking on this task and by taking off their costumes, has been to be hailed as the founders of a healthy and energetic but not too full Burlesque scene in Munich.
Doing shows bi-monthly at the Drehleier Theater on Rosenheimer Street, the girls have created "Velvet Voyage", an occurrence that regularly sets tongues a wagging all over town. This award-winning revue has the Fillies themselves and welcomes guest performers of both German and International backgrounds to enrich and delight the Munich theatre and alternative entertainment scenes.

Who are these powerful pioneering performers?

The Follies are as varied as they are talented. From their looks to their routines, each is a different facet of the jewel that is their revue. Aphrodite DeVine is a classic Rubenesque beauty who charms with her witty, light-hearted routines. Chi Chi Bouvet on the other hand is as sparkling as her name implies, and spellbinds the audience with routines that hearken back to the Moulin Rouge and the golden age of showgirls. Last but not least Diva DeSaster bowls the audience over with fiery seduction and vile grandeur. This woman takes control of the viewing public with all the dark powers of rock and roll. Three faces of neo-burlesque with special guests? Ooh la la, what more could one want?

But, behind the scenes the girls are as kind and down to earth as could be. NFilly Follies, from left to right, Chi Chi Bouvet, Diva DeSaster, and Aphrodite DeVine. Photo - Verena Gremmereo-Burlesque is a new scene in Munich and they all do their own costumes and choreography. All of this and more while holding down typical professional day jobs. There is a lot of travel and not a lot of time for resting either one's feet or on one's laurels. The girls have toured this act world-wide, from Europe to Asia, and their schedules are packed.

This month's offering takes place Friday the 6th and Saturday the 7th of July  at 20:30 at the Theater Drehleier at Rosenheimer Str. 123, 81667  in Munich. Tickets are 20 Euros. July's show features the Filly Follies and Evita Mansfield from Barcelona, Spain, and Citizen Johnson, an American Entertainer and Comic. 

Tickets are available at the door (if you enjoy gambling with availability) or directly from the theater on 089/48 27 42.  Also for the Internet savvy at

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