Eye on the Oktoberfest

Our own Eye on the Street is at the 179th Annual Oktoberfest talking to visitors and shop keepers and asking questions. Here is this week's question:

Oktoberfest 2012 will host more than 7 million visitors from all over the world during its 16 day run.

Do you think there should be a special day at the Oktoberfest only for residents of Munich?


Nico Radtke
Souvenir stand owner

Yes, I think this would be a very good idea. It would be a kind of "thank you" to the city of Munich for hosting the event for the rest of the world. If I can, I would like to make a request that the Old Oktoberfest be held each year as it shows the rural roots of the festival.



No, the Fruhlingsfest is more the the local people. It is held in the spring each year and while it is smaller and does not have the huge been tents, it is still a more local festival. I also want to ask for sunny weather as it brings so many more people.



The Ladies at Eis Conditiorei

We serve real Italian soft ice so we like it when people come from all over the work, especially the Italians. We also hope for hot and sunny weather as no one wants to buy soft ice when it is raining like last Saturday.


Herzl Stand

Yes, it would be nice to have a special day for the local people to enjoy the Oktoberfest like they did many years ago before it became this huge international event. I liked the Old Oktoberfest that reminded us of what it was like before.


Runter mit dem Zylinder

I like the fest the way it is now, for everyone from around the world. We also take part in the Fruhlingsfest each spring and that is more for the local people. It is smaller but maybe more friendly and sympathetic because it is smaller.

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