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Fiesta Mexicana in Schwabing

The summer heat in Munich gives the evenings in the city a hazy and relaxed edge as though you are far abroad. During such summer nights, the Mexican restaurant Don Luca is the perfect place to complete this special holiday feeling.

The restaurant is located in Schwabing, Munich's arty district, on Leopoldstraße 44. The outside dining area is equipped with palm trees, between which you can watch artists and the general vivid life on Leopoldstraße fly by. When the evenings get chilly, there are patio heaters to help revive you. The terrace was full of diners and drinkers when we arrived, and later on in my visit, I witnessed hundreds of people skating by whilst taking part in the famous blade night. A fire-eater also appeared, enchanting the customers with his daring skills. This exotic and cosmopolitan atmosphere was topped off with the restaurant's Mexican music and delicious food.

The menu is traditionally Mexican, varying from enchiladas to burritos, but offers a choice of Mexican salads. I opted for enchiladas fuego, which were tortillas filled with chilli con carne and served with rice and guacamole dip. The fiery tasting jalapenos gave the meal a special thrill and reminded me of the vibrant Mexican lifestyle.

The service was efficient yet slightly brisk, as I felt I had to order quickly or risk the wrath of the waiter. My meal was priced at EUR12.80 and the cocktail menu ranges from EUR6.90 to EUR9.90.

The place also offers a cocktail Happy Hour during the week, before 8 p.m. and after 10 p.m., which is perfect for a student budget or those who enjoy a bargain! The cocktails managed to convince me with their fresh ingredients and skilful decoration. Frozen margaritas and daiquiris are a welcome coolant against the summer heat.

After such authentic food and tasty cocktails, I was placed in a real Mexican mood and ready to book my next holiday to Cancun Beach.

Leopoldstrasse 44

Tel. 089 330 19 330


Opening Hours:

Mon - Fri and Sun 5 p.m. - 1 a.m. 

Fri - Sat open until 3 a.m.

Sat - Sun open from 3 p.m.


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