Cost of Maß at Oktoberfest 2012 rises to EUR9.50

The cat's out of the bag - the price of a maß of beer at this year's Oktoberfest is no longer a secret. 

In 2012, a visitor to Munich's world-renowned beer festival will expect to pay somewhere between EUR9.10 and EUR9.50 if they wish to indulge in the notorious Maß of beer. Compared to last year, this is a price increase of 3.86%.
This year the cheapest beer, costing around EUR9.10, is to be found in the Haxnbraterei. A juicy EUR9.50 will be asked for in the Fischer-Vroni, in Käfers Wiesn Schänke, the Schottenhammel Festhalle and in the Schützen and the Löwenbräu tents. Furthermore, a Maß of non-alcoholic beer will set you back EUR9.30 and a maß of Weissbier around EUR11.01. For a litre of lemonade EUR7.92 will be required and for mineral water visitors will be expected to cough up EUR7.31.
Questionable prices but inevitable at one of Bavaria's most popular yearly tourist attractions.
One thing is for certain, the people of Munich and it's thousands of visitors won't let this news dampen their party spirits or indeed their thirst for Bavaria's finest brews!

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