Bayern bank more cash

Raking it in from the Champions League : Photo FC Bayern Munich.Despite a painful final defeat against Chelsea in their own backyard, Bayern Munich gained at least some consolation from another ultra-profitable UEFA Champions League campaign.

Competing clubs in the 2011/12 UEFA Champions League shared over 750 million Euros in the participation pot, TV pool and performance-related revenue. Winners Chelsea (England) and Bayern received the largest amounts.

Bayern earned a total of 41.73 million Euros : 26.9 million Euros for participation, match and performance payments, and 14.83 million Euros from the TV market pool. Only Chelsea, who defeated Bayern in a penalty shoot-out at the Allianz Arena in May, received a bigger handout. In addition, 9 million Euros went to Chelsea for their success in the final, while Bayern earned 5.6 million Euros as runners-up.

Other top European clubs banking over 30 million Euros were Barcelona, AC Milan, Real Madrid, Manchester United and Inter Milan.

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