Bavaria Hires a Thousand New Police Officers

Extra Bavarian police officers to be recruited - photo courtesy of Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann, presented his idea concept for the distribution of the 1,000 new jobs for the Bavarian police. Under the proposed plan, each police station and the Bavarian State Criminal Police Office and the Bureau of the Bavarian riot police are to get additional staff.

"My aim is to place the new officers where they are actually needed," said Herrmann. "This will improve the sustainable use of our Bavarian police force." Important factors for the distribution are the crime rate and the traffic accident rate. The topic of 'rural areas' was also discussed, as one of the goals of the Bavarian politicians is also to have police in every corner of Bavaria at all times.

More rather than Fewer Police

"Unlike many other states, where the police force is constantly diminished or unfunded, we will further expand the workforce of the Bavarian police the next few years," affirmed the minister. Bavaria has never had as many police officers as it has today.

The 1,000 new positions will be distributed as follow:
o Oberbayern North: 151
o Oberbayern South: 79
o Niederbayern: 113
o Oberpfalz: 59
o Oberfranken: 65
o Mittelfranken: 92
o Unterfranken: 66
o Schwaben Nord: 137
o Schwaben Süd West: 87
o Munich: 96
o Bay. Landeskriminalamt (State criminal office): 30
o Bereitschaftspolizei (riot police): 25

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