Bad weather causes severe damage

Last Thursday evening the Munich emergency services were called out 240 times due to a severe storm that enveloped the region. Around 9pm, a weather front passed over the city of Munich, which resulted in flooding and lightning strikes throughout the city. The emergency services were called out mainly to help pump water from flooded basements. The damages are expected to amount to at least 1,000,000 euros.

 In the city centre various underpasses and roads lay under several meters of water, trees were damaged and hundreds of basements were flooded. Blumenstrasse was particularly badly affected. Around 150 cubic meters of water penetrated basements and the extent of the damage is yet to be announced.  In Brudermühltunnel the floodwaters caused a manhole cover to become loose and resulted in several car accidents, according to the police.

Munich was not the only place in the area that was affected. Many other towns in the region have suffered flooding and even fires. Since Thursday night, Starnberg has experienced around 30 litres per square metre of rainfall and Langenbacher, in the district of Frasing, experienced a severe hailstorm. In Bogenhausen the roof of a building caught fire due to a stroke of lightning. Around 100 emergency personnel helped 20 people from surrounding homes to safety. 


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