Backstage Free & Easy Festival really is Free and Easy

Those interested in rock, pop, indie, metal, or punk might want to check out this year's Backstage Free & Easy festival. The festival runs from Saturday July 21st until August 4th, with all concerts completely free on every stage available. The Backstage has four stages during the summer and since each stage will typically have a different genre showcased on any given night, which gives the casual listener the option of wandering around and taking in many bands that they normally wouldn't get the opportunity to check out. Here are some of the top picks for this year's festival:

  • July 21st - Blackmail @ Backstage Halle
  • July 23rd - Anti Flag @ Backstage Werk
  • July 26th - Ignite @ Backstage Werk
  • July 29th - Agnostic Front & DRI @ Backstage Werk
  • July 30th - Sepultura @ Backstage Werk
  • July 30th - MXPX Allstars @ Backstage Club
  • July 31st - Russkaja @ Backstage Werk

Some would say the best part of the Backstage Free & Easy festival is the price of beer at their beer garden. A liter of Kaltenberg beer is just EUR5.50. Live music and cheap beer are a great combination; The weather is another thing.

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