A new closure for Munich's busiest travel hub

U-Bahn Entrance closed at HauptbahnhofThe latest stage in construction at Munich's Hauptbahnhof means that the U-Bahn's middle level will once again find itself being narrowed. According to the Tageszeitung, the building work is now to reach even further under the southern stretch of the Bayerstraße. The entrances to Schillerstrße and Bayerstraße South will be closed and undergo reconstruction work.
The northern entrance to the U Bahn, situated on Bayerstraße, should be reopened by the middle of next week, which should help to ease commuter congestion.
Munich's public utilities have been modernising this middle level since the middle of last year and completion is estimated to take until the end of 2013. During this time the building site will slowly creep across at least half of the main station's underbelly.
Furthermore, the eastern tram platform will remain closed along with one of the two exits to the Schützenstraße. The latter closure is neccessary for the support of the construction site as a whole and the transportation of building materials.
As a result, more than 200,000 commuters will find their daily travel to and from this area to be somewhat disrupted over the next year, before they start reaping the benefits of the shiny new refurbishment.

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