15th Anniversary: Special Two-day Free Opera for Everyone at Munich Opera Festival 2012

A beautiful evening at Opera for All (photo courtesy of Wilfried Hösl)

Munich. Free concert on Saturday, July 14th and free opera on the "big screen" Sunday, July 15th are once again sponsored by BMW. These open air events are located behind and in front of the Bavarian State Opera building located in the cultural heart of Munich.

The two events are part of the world renowned Munich Opera Festival, which runs from June 23 to July 31, 2012, and are part of the Bavarian State Opera's annual program. The live concert on July 14th starts at 8 pm in the Marstallplatz, the Bavarian State Orchestra will be performed on the transparent stage pieces by Richard Wagner and Bedrich Smetana, with arrangements by Henk de Vlieger. The next day, on Sunday, Richard Wagner's "Götterdämmerung" starts at 5 pm live via video feed from the Opera House to the Max-Joseph-Platz located in front, on a super-large screen for public viewing. Kent Nagano conducts both events.

State Director Nicholas Bachler had this to boast about this year's program: "How could we better celebrate the 15th year of "Opera for All" and the wonderful intensive and successful cooperation between BMW and the Bavarian State Opera - then with the giant: Richard Wagner?" The public can view their international opera stars on the 50 square meter large LED screen broadcasted in "high definition." And with over 80,000 watts of audio power, around 100 microphones and with more than 60 members on the technology team, this is sure to deliver the highest standards in all their opera events.

Frank-Peter Arndt, Member of the Board at BMW AG adds: "Our thanks to our long-standing partner, the Bavarian State Opera, which every year brings this project with such glamorous programs to life."

The "Opera for All" event is, as always, free thanks to the sponsorship of BMW in Munich. "The uniqueness of this format goes on - go forth and enjoy!" underlines Michael Rahe, head of the BMW. Rahe's words certainly sound inviting: bring something to sit on, pack a picnic basket and let the shows begin...

Further information on "Opera for All" (Oper für alle) and the Munich Opera Festival can be found at: www.bayerische.staatsoper.de

Dan Roccapriore is a contributing Arts & Entertainment writer, and can be reached at USEuroWriter@aol.com

Free concert at the Bavarian State Opera (photo courtesy of Wilfried Hösl)

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